Top 9 Tips To Promote YouTube Videos

How To Promote Youtube VideosIt is a well known fact that Youtube can be great source of traffic to your blog.  With nearly 2 Billion users, it certainly is a place worth promoting. Even if you don’t own a blog/site, Youtube can be a great source to earn online with your videos.But merely creating videos on Youtube won’t benefit at all. You need to promote Youtube Videos as well, so in this article I will be giving some tips to Promote Youtube Videos.

So here is “Top 9 Tips To Promote YouTube Videos” –

1. Create your own Channel

When you sign up on Youtube, it automatically creates a channel for you. The key advantage of doing this that it gives opportunity to create a profile for yourself and your content, and link back to your website URL.

You can also customize  your account type, and it is perhaps better to have “Guru” as your account type, particularly if you are a blogger. This account lets you choose a custom logo, genre and links to your other websites from your profile pages.

2. Join Youtube Groups

Youtube has a very strong community of users, which share videos and discuss them as well. You can also create your own group if necessary. By joining/creating a group, it helps in interacting with like minded users, describing you video content and also getting targeted users.

3. Active Sharing

This feature was lately introduced by Youtube. If you turn this feature on, every time you visit a video, your username will appear next to that video clip for 30 minutes. All of your YouTube videos will then be added to a ‘videos I’m watching’ section on your profile page.This can be helpful in getting targeted visitors.

4. Submit Videos to Video sharing sites

Just as it is important to submit your blog to search engines, the same way it is necessary to submit your videos to various video sharing sites. One good idea is to submit your video to, it will automatically submit your videos to various video sharing sites and that too for free.

5. Brand your video

Create a logo for your videos and add it to all your videos, and make sure it is same as your Gravatar/Favicon/Header Image. This will not only help in branding your videos (and your blog!!), but will also secure your video against stealing online.

6. Use Social Network

Just as you use Social Network to promote your blogs, you can use social networking sites like Facebook, My Space etc to promote your videos.

7. Responses on other videos

Leave video responses on other videos of your niche as much as possible, particularly popular ones, it also helps in getting relevant traffic to your YouTube video.

8. Promote your video with Youtube Emails and Bulletins

Youtube is also a social community itself, just like Facebook, Orkut etc. So just go out there reach the users and let them know about your videos.

You can also use Bulletins- Super-short messages about your status, new releases or anything else you might want to broadcast to the world via your YouTube channel.

9. Optimize Your Video

Optimizing video includes :-

  1. Creating relevant and quality videos.
  2. Give your video a proper title, keeping in your mind your niche and targeted users.
  3. Choose right category and tags- which best suits your niche.
  4. Keep your video running time near about 5 min. Well its not mandatory though and a lot also depends on your niche, but its better to keep it as short as possible.

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  • 9:00 AM – 11:59 PM — 50% off

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7 Best Useful Social Media Tools To Increase Network

Well we all know how important Social Media is for any blogger. To get your post go viral in social media, your network on social media sites plays a very crucial role. Once you have a large network on social media sites like Twitter, Digg, Facebook etc.

Best Social Media Tools List

It becomes quite cumbersome to manage your accounts and networks on these sites. Merely managing accounts and network on social media does not serve the purpose, but also knowing the stats related to traffic being generated from these sites help us to use social media in a better way.

So I have compiled some useful social media tools to help you to grow your network in a better way.

So here my compilation of “7 Best Useful Social Media Tools To Increase Network

1. Hootsuite

This tool can be termed as Ultimate Twitter Web client. Monitor keywords, manage multiple Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many other social media accounts. Schedule your messages. Manage your social media accounts online and link up with your traffic stats in Google Analytics. It also offers many features like :-

  • Manage your followers easily, see who is following you and who is not.
  • WordPress Integration – View, manage, schedule and post directly to your WordPress blog from HootSuite.
  • File Uploads – Upload images and files right into your messages. The files are instantly converted into super-short Owly links for space saving and easy sharing.
  • Autotweeting – It will automatically tweet your blog post with latest updated post via your feeds. You just have to add your feed address and select the profile from which you want to autotweet.

Other than above listed features it also allows its users to schedule their tweets, manage twitter list and customize URL’s.

2. Untweeps

Untweep is a simple application that enables you to cleanup your follower list. It shows you who has not tweeted in 30, 60, or 90 days. So tidy-up your Twitter account by finding the accounts you’re following which have gone stale. It provides login via both the traditional username/password method as well as the new OAuth method.

In case you don’t want to unfollow someone who hasn’t been tweeting, simply put them inWhitelist. Although it is free to use but if you want to use UnTweeps more than three times per month, or check for slightly stale Twitters, periods under 15 days, you must purchase an UnTweeps Pro account, which is $1.37 for 3 days or $5 per month subscription.

3. Topsy

Topsy is basically a search engine of social media sites. Find the top influencers to connect with and help retweet your messages, based on a keyword query. Find whats happening on  the world of Social media.

4. Flowtown

It is a customer insight tool to find which social media sites your customers and contacts are using. Flowtown proves to be elemental in deciding your social media marketing strategies.

5. Pitchengine

Promote your press releases to social media channels. Spread the news about a business, organization or event and easily share it with your social networks, search engines or next door neighbor. It’s the new way to get found.

6. SWix

SWIX is a social media analytics tool that helps you track, monitor and analyze your account data from more than twenty different social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many other popular platforms. It also provides site owners a number of tools to better manage social media tactics through analytics and reporting. One tool that many will find helpful is the Worksheet — an overview of all your social media campaigns in one screen.

7. TubeMogul

Track online video viewership trends and statistics on video sites like YouTube and get rich metrics from your own video player with TubeMogul. Distribute your videos to many video sharing sites.

Have you used any of these tools? Then do share your opinions with us 😉


3 Tips to Leverage Most of Twitter
How To Hide Last Seen Time in WhatsApp on Android?

How Often Shall You Post Contents on Blog?

Blogging is the most wonderful and impressing way to highlight your views in front of the people in the particular area of your expertise. Then, the problem arises how often blog should be added with a post. The only short answer to this question is that it totally depends on the type of your blog.

How often to post content in blog

Suppose, if your blog is related to business, then you have to sure be in touch with it many times per week. In case, you have started writing a new blog, then you must visit your blog daily. Gradually, you can reduce it.

Secondly, how often to blog is also directly related to the kind of the job in which you deal. For example, if you are damn busy in your daily routine life then it becomes hardly possible to make a daily visit to your blog. It may sure happen weekly or monthly and in many cases even more than that!

If the theme of your blog is as per your taste then I am sure you will like to visit your blog as much as possible and to add a new post to it. Therefore, in this case circumstances of how often to blog increases.

Initially, when you start writing the blog, the chances of visiting blog get increases. This happens because at that time you are fully stuffed with new and innovative ideas that you want to share with the readers of your blog. Therefore, obviously in this case, there is no need to answer for the question how often blog is to be visited?

Now, I am sure you will be getting a slight idea of how often blog should be visited! If your time to visit the blog is certain, then the consistent reader of your blog will get a complete idea when to visit your blog next. So, make a habit to visit your blog in a fixed period of time.

Blogging nowadays is not getting popular only for the passion to write but it is solving the financial problem of so many people also. Therefore, passion and earning go side by side in blogging.

How often to blog you visit and add a fresh content will sure give you increment in search engine rankings. To increase your SEO, you must be dead sure of adding unique contents to your blog and not stuffing the blog with fluff matter.

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6 Features Of Good Content Management Systems (CMS)
3 Tips to Leverage Most of Twitter

6 Features Of Good Content Management Systems (CMS)

You are prepared to take your business online, or perhaps you have got an existing Web site and realize the requirement to upgrade the look and feel. While structure and ease of use on the front end is vital for catching and keeping the eye of guests, it’s equally vital to have a content management system (CMS) you’ll operate with little or no difficulty.

Content Management System CMS

You’ll realize as you interview prospective Web designers that customized programs are accessible for your use. The question is, what should you explore for during a good CMS, and what options are out there to you? Choosing the Right CMS for Your Web site.

Before diving right into the creation or renovation of a website, one should perceive what a content management system is and does. The CMS of your website is where you, or your webmaster, handle the maintenance of the site.

From adding new pages to editing current ones, fitting contact forms or widgets for social media, everything you are doing in the rear affects what the actual web site appearance like. Assume of the CMS because the fuse box in your home. You tinker with a few wires to form sure the lights are operating correctly – thus it’s with content management.

Samples of Content Management Systems

Do you use Blogger or WordPress to keep up a weblog? If therefore, you’re using a CMS. Each time you log in to put in writing a brand new post you manage your content through a specialized CMS program. Different programs, like Joomla and Drupal, WordPress enable site owners to form and customise sites for a variety of uses.

You’ll notice some designers use these systems when operating with clients, or they may create a proprietary program for your use. Personally I use HostGator to host my websites in WordPress CMS. You can get 80% off on HostGator Black Friday offers coming next November, 2016.

If you associate with the latter, it’s suggested to seek out a system with these features:

Easy Web Access – You want to make sure you’ll be able to get to your web site from anywhere. The backend should have an administrator log in page and dashboard for maintenance 24/7.

Drag and Drop Features – For sites with lengthy menu sidebars and widget capability, it’s nice to own a CMS that allow’s you simply position links where you want them to go. A problem and drop feature for positioning modules on a internet template is ideal for the novice user.

Ease of Graphic Placement – Photos can be a bear to manage on-line, so having a smart photo editing systems in your CMS can facilitate your upload, resize, and position graphics simply.

HTML and WYSIWYG Editor Choices – For people who are not terribly proficient in HTML, an editor designed to figure sort of a regular word processing program will assist site owners in page creation. Having the HTML option still may be a plus, for one will use it to tweak font sizes and colors. When looking CMS systems, build sure yours works each ways.

Instant Publishing Ability – If you wish to urge a page launched immediately, you wish a CMS system that publishes with the click of a mouse. Consequently, if you wish to remove pages, you must be able to quickly.

RSS Publishing – These days RSS feeds can be imported into Twitter and Facebook. If you constantly publish new material, you ought to be able to syndicate as much as attainable, and have a CMS that will it for you. Whereas there are other bells and whistles one might desire on a Web web site, raise concerning these options after you talk together with your site developer. Your Net ought to be straightforward to weave.

How To Hide Last Seen Time in WhatsApp on Android?

With the given popularity of WhatsApp chances are that every one in your contact list might be using WhatsApp, and thus you would be receiving zillions messages everyday.

Hide Whatsapp Last Seen

Receiving such huge number of messages is in itself an irritating task and on the top that, if you don’t reply to someone, he/she will get hurt. With ‘Last Seen Time’ in WhatsApp, you can’t even hide yourself.

WhatsApp has already rolled out an update feature for iPhone users so as to hide Last Seen Time, but for Android there is no default feature as such. But there are several apps available to hide Last Seen Time in your Android.

Note: Whatsapp have upgraded, now you can easily hide your last seen by going to settings of whatsapp. 

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Hide WhatsApp Last Seen

It deactivates the data connection and wifi network while you are using Whatsapp, and reactivates when you will leave Whatsapp. With this app you can read and send WhatsApp messages without displaying your last connection, but the messages will be sent when you leave WhatsApp.

WhatsHide – Block last seen

This is yet another Android app to hide last seen time by Nabiltitou. Simply open WhatsApp from this app, and start using WhatsApp from this app. The ‘Last Seen Time’ stamp will not appear. The only drawback of this app is that you have to use WhatsApp from this app, and if you directly use WhatsApp, then it will not work.

WhatsApp Hide LastSeen

WhatsApp Hide LastSeen is similar to the app mentioned above. You need to use WhatsApp from this app to hide last seen time stamp.

Whatsapp Not Last Seen

Last but not the least, this app deactivates your phone’s internet connection while Whatsapp is running on your mobile phone. It doesn’t allow the servers to update your last message reading (i.e Last Seen) status.

This app is not available on Google Play, so we have provided you with other link, so simply download it and install so as to hide last seen time in WhatsApp number.

Do share any other Android App to hide Last Seen Time. And in case you find any difficulty in using above mentioned apps, then feel free to as us by commenting below. Meanwhile happy reading :)

3 Tips to Leverage Most of Twitter

Twitter, as we all know can drive immense traffic to your blog. It is not only a micro blogging site but is also a real time search engine.

how to use twitter effectively

There are lots of advantages of twitter like sending messages, share links, music, pictures etc. Apart from this, Twitter is also used by internet marketers for promoting and driving traffic to their blog/site. In this article I am sharing my views on How To Use Twitter Effectively.

Build Relevant Network

Like any other social media, you should build a relevant network on Twitter i.e all your followers and also the ones you are following should be in some way or other related to your niche. If you have a relevant network on Twitter, you can easily exchange links, drive traffic to your blog. And also you can get some creative ideas to write about on your blog. So try to increase followers of same niche.

Brand yourself on Twitter

When readers visit your blog, they don’t know you personally. Twitter is best way to introduce yourself with your readers and make them revisit your blog. So apart from tweeting you articles, also keep tweeting your own experience, tips etc. In this way try to build a relationship with your followers on Twitter.

One more important aspect of Branding yourself on Twitter is to tweet quality articles of other blogs also, that you think are relevant to your niche. Your main purpose should be to provide useful informations in your niche to your followers, whether from your own blog or other. It helps in getting recognized on Twitter, among your followers, as someone who provides useful information in your niche.

Twitter is a “Real Time Game”

Well we all know this that whatever you tweet gets listed in the timeline, and after some time it gets lost somewhere deep in the timeline. So its always a good idea to keep retweeting your old quality articles. It will also help in getting some traffic on those articles also.

Do you use Twitter to drive traffic to your blog? Then do share your views with us :)

Free Download Dead Trigger 2 for PC (Windows XP/7/8) /Mac

Dead Trigger 2 is another Zombie based game. This game was released in 2013 and day by day its popularity graph has been increasing. Dead Trigger 2 is a single player shooter game. This game is officially available for android and iOS users and its a free game. Dead trigger is created by Madfinger games and in this game, developers focused on graphics. I am here with a guide on How to Free Download Dead Trigger 2 for PC.

Dead Trigger 2 For PC Windows

An official announcement released in september 2013 that Dead Trigger 2 will also released for PC and Mac but still its not available for PC but in this guide I will tell you how you can download and play Dead Trigger on PC.  If you want to download Dead Trigger 2 on your android or iOS gadget then you can download it from google play store for android and itunes for iOS. I am also sharing download links for android and iOS gadget you can click on download link according to your platform and download it on your device.

Before starting our guide let’s have a look about Dead Trigger 2.

Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger is a Zombie based game, this game is popular because of its awesome graphics and more than 13 million users are already enjoying this game and killing zombies.

In Dead Trigger 2 you will travel in 3 regions of different areas of earth, you can explore 15 different environments and choose your favorite weapon to kill Zombies.  In this game you can play different types of missions like  story missions, global missions or side-quests.

The most impressive feature of this game which I liked the most is you can connect the server with other online players and play and its all free. Lots of weapons and ammo you can use in this game to destroy zombies.

Sound quality and graphics makes it more exiting and awesome. This game will make you feel like as if you are killing zombies in real.

So don’t wait and enjoy Dead Trigger 2, just download it according to your gadget platform and install it. Tell us how’s your experience and how many zombies you killed.

Now I am starting my guide for those who don’t have android or iOS gadget or want to play this Zombie based game on PC.

Download & Install Dead Trigger 2 for Windows 7/8 Free

If you want to Free Download and Play Dead Trigger 2 for PC/Computer (windows 7/8)/Mac then you need to install an android emulator in your PC/computer, we suggest Bluestacks as a best android emulator.

System Requirements [Blue Stacks]

  • Min 2 GB free space on Hard Disk.
  • Min 1 GB RAM.
  • Latest version of Graphic Library (GL) driver.

Step by Step guide to Free download and Play Dead Trigger 2 for PC

Step 1 – Download Bluestack on PC
Step 2 – Install Bluestack on your PC. (In case you see following error- ‘Incompatible GL’, update GL drivers for windows by running automatic updates on your PC.
Step 3 – Search for Dead Trigger 2  using search button.

Step 4 – You will find it on Bluestack search window, Click on download link Once download complete its installed automatically.

Step 5 – Now enjoy Dead Trigger 2 on PC.

Please feel free to ask any queries in comments below. Meanwhile happy reading 🙂