3 Tips to Leverage Most of Twitter

how to use twitter effectively

Twitter, as we all know can drive immense traffic to your blog. It is not only a micro blogging site but is also a real time search engine.

how to use twitter effectively

There are lots of advantages of twitter like sending messages, share links, music, pictures etc. Apart from this, Twitter is also used by internet marketers for promoting and driving traffic to their blog/site. In this article I am sharing my views on How To Use Twitter Effectively.

Build Relevant Network

Like any other social media, you should build a relevant network on Twitter i.e all your followers and also the ones you are following should be in some way or other related to your niche. If you have a relevant network on Twitter, you can easily exchange links, drive traffic to your blog. And also you can get some creative ideas to write about on your blog. So try to increase followers of same niche.

Brand yourself on Twitter

When readers visit your blog, they don’t know you personally. Twitter is best way to introduce yourself with your readers and make them revisit your blog. So apart from tweeting you articles, also keep tweeting your own experience, tips etc. In this way try to build a relationship with your followers on Twitter.

One more important aspect of Branding yourself on Twitter is to tweet quality articles of other blogs also, that you think are relevant to your niche. Your main purpose should be to provide useful informations in your niche to your followers, whether from your own blog or other. It helps in getting recognized on Twitter, among your followers, as someone who provides useful information in your niche.

Twitter is a “Real Time Game”

Well we all know this that whatever you tweet gets listed in the timeline, and after some time it gets lost somewhere deep in the timeline. So its always a good idea to keep retweeting your old quality articles. It will also help in getting some traffic on those articles also.

Do you use Twitter to drive traffic to your blog? Then do share your views with us :)

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