Top 9 Tips To Promote YouTube Videos

How To Promote Youtube Videos

How To Promote Youtube VideosIt is a well known fact that Youtube can be great source of traffic to your blog.  With nearly 2 Billion users, it certainly is a place worth promoting. Even if you don’t own a blog/site, Youtube can be a great source to earn online with your videos.But merely creating videos on Youtube won’t benefit at all. You need to promote Youtube Videos as well, so in this article I will be giving some tips to Promote Youtube Videos.

So here is “Top 9 Tips To Promote YouTube Videos” –

1. Create your own Channel

When you sign up on Youtube, it automatically creates a channel for you. The key advantage of doing this that it gives opportunity to create a profile for yourself and your content, and link back to your website URL.

You can also customize  your account type, and it is perhaps better to have “Guru” as your account type, particularly if you are a blogger. This account lets you choose a custom logo, genre and links to your other websites from your profile pages.

2. Join Youtube Groups

Youtube has a very strong community of users, which share videos and discuss them as well. You can also create your own group if necessary. By joining/creating a group, it helps in interacting with like minded users, describing you video content and also getting targeted users.

3. Active Sharing

This feature was lately introduced by Youtube. If you turn this feature on, every time you visit a video, your username will appear next to that video clip for 30 minutes. All of your YouTube videos will then be added to a ‘videos I’m watching’ section on your profile page.This can be helpful in getting targeted visitors.

4. Submit Videos to Video sharing sites

Just as it is important to submit your blog to search engines, the same way it is necessary to submit your videos to various video sharing sites. One good idea is to submit your video to, it will automatically submit your videos to various video sharing sites and that too for free.

5. Brand your video

Create a logo for your videos and add it to all your videos, and make sure it is same as your Gravatar/Favicon/Header Image. This will not only help in branding your videos (and your blog!!), but will also secure your video against stealing online.

6. Use Social Network

Just as you use Social Network to promote your blogs, you can use social networking sites like Facebook, My Space etc to promote your videos.

7. Responses on other videos

Leave video responses on other videos of your niche as much as possible, particularly popular ones, it also helps in getting relevant traffic to your YouTube video.

8. Promote your video with Youtube Emails and Bulletins

Youtube is also a social community itself, just like Facebook, Orkut etc. So just go out there reach the users and let them know about your videos.

You can also use Bulletins- Super-short messages about your status, new releases or anything else you might want to broadcast to the world via your YouTube channel.

9. Optimize Your Video

Optimizing video includes :-

  1. Creating relevant and quality videos.
  2. Give your video a proper title, keeping in your mind your niche and targeted users.
  3. Choose right category and tags- which best suits your niche.
  4. Keep your video running time near about 5 min. Well its not mandatory though and a lot also depends on your niche, but its better to keep it as short as possible.

If you have some more tips to promote YouTube videos, then do share it with us.

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